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Description To Launch World's First eMall Franchise In Singapore

SINGAPORE, March 6 (Bernama) --, the leading internet marketing company in Asia, will launch the world's first eMall franchise on Friday at Suntec City Convention Centre here.

Aiming to be the world's largest concept eMall shopping network, it is different from other online sites like trying to sell everything under one roof. Each eMall under the eMall network is an independent concept mall, selling only one particular type of products, such as or, with worldwide shipping.

In a statement, said this eMall concept will revolutionise the traditional franchise business model as this is the world's first global eMall franchise which enables franchisees to sell online globally, with eOneNet sourcing the products at wholesale prices and directly handling the logistics.

Explaining the concept, Fione Tan, chief executive officer, said: "If you open a store, you will normally need to invest in stocks, so you will have to spend lots of money even without knowing if the item will sell or not.

"In our eMall franchise, you can sell the products first, and then order from our suppliers, earning a 50 per cent profit margin, and the product is directly sent to your end customers.

"Most online sellers here are only selling via local platforms to the domestic market with a low profit margin. Why not target global customers and triple your profits?" she said.

Interview of Fione Tan

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